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"You love her, don't you? You want her to LOVE how YOU touch her, LOVE how YOU MAKE HER FEEL. You want her to call you first and last when she wants A REAL GREAT TIME, not just "a real good time."

"So, calling all my cunniligus, cuntsucking, muff diving, vagina licking, pussy hungry, tipping the velvet, carpet licking friends. You'll find many wet stories of slippery muff munching, tongue fucking, clit sucking, clitoris loving and more available to add to your private stock of oral sex pleasure inducing faves.And that's not just cunny lip service, my charming cunning linguists.

"Just put your nose right in here and poke around, my gamahuche lovers.

"Looking for 'female porn','harcore,' 'doggy style,' 'wild sex,' 'adult porn,' even 'pron,' and 'dirty sex'?

"Our maybe just looking for real advice and sound, good suggestions about how to learn or improve your sexual technique or sexual method, your lovemaking ability and prowess in the wonderful oral sex of cunnilingus, for example?

"Who doesn't need cunniligus training and great sex tips?

"Want convenient sex advice you can hold in your hand and page through or flick through you PDA, ereader, IPod, Kindle, etc.? Well, now you you have your private sex forum, yes, your own 'granny sex forum' or sex chat forum, just for you.

"Or a great reference to mention on your sex blog?

"Because I compiled, edited, and added my own special cuntlicious flavor, for you, to:

Neale Sourna's SexSinger.

"See more in the next column or:

"Read: SexSinger / CuntSinger-Sample.htm / Sex Singer / CuntSinger-Sample.pdf


"Neale with Tony Kay about SexSinger / CuntSinger and writing (one hour):

SournaInterview--ArtistFirst--06-17-09.wav (498,636 kb), SournaInterview--ArtistFirst--06-17-09.mp3 (46,748 kb)

"or download directly from

"So, while you're taking a moment away from eating her out, and relaxing and visiting me here, just GIVE ME FIVE (5) RELAXING, BUT EXCITING MINUTES to STRETCH YOUR MIND and EXERCISE YOUR EMOTIONS and, well, your HAPPY glands, because all you really need to know about the true me and what I write, as YOUR BEST WRITER OF CHOICE, for ebooks and paperbacks, is that I enjoy writing for my WARM PLEASURE, and for you to SHARE MY DEEP FANTASIES, until you, too are SATISFIED WITH PLEASURES OF ALL KINDS.

"So, know that love and sex are good sorcery, when the right two, or more, people get together, and that YOU'LL FIND their STORIES HERE TO BUY and read to your love one, for their satisfaction, too. And, READ THEM AGAIN, AND AGAIN. Like all great sex and love."

--Enjoy my love and lust, Neale Sourna


--Neale Sourna

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How good is your sex education?

Did you know that:


So, do you know how to PROTECT HER...?

* * * * * * * *

NOW Available in Print AND ebook

Lost in the Kama Sutra, interested in female intercourse and finding and pleasuring her delicious g spot?

Interested in: lesbian cunnilingus, cunnilingus orgasm, cunnilingus techniques or cunnilingus positions? Then this is the book / ebook for you.

Can you improve your lovemaking with cunnilingus training? Of course you can. Read, learn, experiment....

You have a tongue and fingers, but is she really getting her FULL SATISFACTION from your lovemaking...?

Can you tell if she's satisfied, by more than her "yes" or "no" [if she's not too shy or fibbing]...?

How can you tell from HER SILENCE when she's REALLY SATISFIED...?


Do you know the ways to help her when she believes oral sex--especially cunnilingus--is "gross," "icky," or whatever...?

Do you know HOW TO COAX HER to enjoy your oral lovemaking...?

**If you none of these, or know some and want to learn more, so YOU'LL BECOME A BETTER, MORE POWERFUL LOVER--keep reading, my friend....

Think of "Neale Sourna's SexSinger" as your personal Lowes Home improvement for cunnilingus!

READ SAMPLE: SexSinger_ExcerptSample.pdf

Neale Sourna's SexSinger: Cunnilingus

How to Give Head (Oral Sex and Eating Pussy), for Giving Women Orgasms of Cuntlicious Joy! Info and Games READ SAMPLE: SexSinger_ExcerptSample.pdf

Nonfiction Sex Advice with Info, Sex Games, and Sexy Cunnilingus FICTION Excerts! aka CuntSinger now same info different title

Table of Contents

Copyright 2011 by Neale Sourna/PIE: Perception Is Everything's Clear Focus Imprint

Librarians-nonfiction: 1. Sexuality 2. Women-Sexual behavior 3. Marriage 4. Relationships-self-improvement 5. People with disabilities-Sexual behavior

Listen to Promo Then Listen to Neale on Tony Kay's Show at talk about Neale Sourna's SexSinger formerly/also known as (CuntSinger), about writing, about sexual and moral history and the sexually powerful words we fear to use (one hour, edited):

SournaInterview--ArtistFirst--06-17-09.wav (498,636 kb), SournaInterview--ArtistFirst--06-17-09.mp3 (46,748 kb)

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READ SAMPLE: SexSinger_ExcerptSample.pdf

Read: SexSinger / CuntSinger-Sample.htm / CuntSinger-Sample.pdf


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"Making Love" IS NOT something you CARELESSLY do by rote HABIT.

"Making" is creation and building, as in creating a feeling in another that mixes with one of your own, and constructing lightly upon that to make an interweaving of senses and flavors and emotions.

"Love" is individual, alive, never-ending; even when it turns dark or distance. And darkness can be enjoyed and brought back into the light. And it's more than the physical, more than the emotion, there is spirit binding the both, uplifting them both to bliss. Even "perpetual bliss" as Faith Hill might sing.

So, "making love" can include more than kneeling like a "missionary," begging for it, and then "trying to control everything," and "stay on top of things"; but being oblivious of your partner's true needs.

Get your face in there and let your tongue do the your lovin'.


How many of us actually learned sex from a sex professional?

Most of us, and our parents, too, learned sexual "health"-lots of scary picture of syphilis we HAD to look at-from a gym teacher doing double duty in health class; or from some amateur lover a little farther ahead in the game, or more willing to experiment. Most of us definitely didn't have a professional whore or pimp or sex therapist in that health class. And it definitely wasn't called sex class, at all. I am, however, a professional writer in the sex and relations field, if get-ting paid counts. I believe that help should be more interesting than obvious, which is why I don't usually do nonfiction. But all love and lovemaking are a bit in the fiction field, though, aren't they?

Back to "talented, dedicated amateurs" versus "paid professionals."

Olympians and people you know, who can sing and dance wonderfully, may never have had full training or school learnin' or have been given a record deal, or a certificate for their wall that states that they are a "Sex Expert." Sometimes, they're much more interesting than those who have studied "by the book" or were sanctioned by some outside sanctioning group; but now have nothing new or fresh to add...[more

READ SAMPLE: SexSinger_ExcerptSample.pdf

Read: SexSinger / CuntSinger-Sample.htm / CuntSinger-Sample.pdf

Because, DID YOU KNOW:

That, of a survey of 1102 women, a full 11% had NEVER had an orgasm. And that 46% of these women thought ALL MEN WERE SELFISH; while a high "79 percent thought only their husbands were selfish."


Plus, 56 % of these married women still believed the old beehive and sti-letto heels time's sexual propaganda that some women, many women are frigid, intentionally and stubbornly so, which was a standard 1950s-60s Cold War way to batter a woman, whether wife or passing partner, not sexually interested or satisfied, but unknowing how to correct it.

That "real women" aren't interested in sex, "only sluts."

Not realizing real, sweet and loving women were and are interested, but that the love her lover was making, is making to her or with her was ignorant, or inadequate to the task.

It was pleasure for everyone in the room, but her. [more...]

BANNED! "Neale Sourna's CuntSinger," a NEW BOOK on Cunnilingus Banned! By Other Writers

"Hey. Just got banned from my writer's group. Seems to be for promo-ing--which is allowed--with no more than the promo in the next column from 'Listen to Promo' down to sample doc. Must be the TITLE.

"Really, folks, it's not a foul word no more than calling someone a 'feminist' or an 'abortion doctor' or a 'dick'. People laugh when you call someone dick, it was a major run-on joke in 'Robocop' which tons of kids saw in the theater.

"And they make 'pussy' jokes on the sly, as well. So, what's the fuss?

"Well, cunt that.

"I've been banned on the internet. Again. By writers.

"Writers can be such pussies, except when they FINALLY stand up and WGA STRIKE. Hm, novelists and nonfiction types don't strike. Well, Pu-C's to that."

--Neale Sourna

PS: Okay, for those who just can't get over it, yet. New title [SexSinger], same great intimate sexual technique info and sex games.

SexSinger's Table of Contents:

"This is Dedicated..."

Table of Contents

Author Statement


And what does author Neale Sourna know about it?

How many of us actually learned sex from a sex professional?

Back to "talented, dedicated amateurs" versus "paid professionals."

Why music?


Because I LOVE sex and love and I want to share this with you.

Because, DID YOU KNOW:

The complete lack of knowing what to do.

My friends, "Ignorance is [not] Bliss.

" 81% of all women REGULARLY ACHIEVE ORGASMS FROM CUNNILINGUS (kun'-nih-lin'-gus),…

PS: Don't be tense.

PPS: Challenge each other with a Game of Lie and Tell:

Why "Singer," "Singing," and "Sing"?

Music taught me, and still does; that…

Singing is easy.

Why THAT Word, "Cunt"?

PS: cunt

And, Finally, Why the Fiction Excerpts?

Author's Acknowledgements

Remember: Knowledge is powerful

Cunnilingus: How to Give Head (Oral Sex and Eating Pussy), for Giving Women Orgasms of Cuntlicious Joy!


"I pulled up a chair, pushed up her skirt, and…"

WARNING: "Just Foreplay"

Best Sex EVER! For Her, With You.


Game: Guide.

Game: Guide Communication Practice.

Game: "Silence" Game.

"Both of You-ALWAYS Be Positive."

When is it over?

"Since I Became Paralyzed…."

Research Stuff: How Her Equipment Works.



Hold the Fish: Vulvas Can Smell or Taste Unpleasant, Because:

"Taste Yourself."

Cunnilingus: Definition.

"Wait! What's Her Clitoris, and Where the Hell is It?"

Cunt/Vulva Image

Basic Skills and Stats.

"Her clitoris can be too sensitive to touch...."

"Oral sex gets around issues of…"

Your Basic Oral Tools.

Cunnilingual Movements.

Education, Partners, and Restrictions.



"Worldwide Cultural Attitudes."

"Desire and Self-Esteem."

"Cultural Legalities."

Religious Culture: Chinese Spiritual Taoism.

"The Great Medicine of the Three Mountain Peaks…"

Culture Philosophy: Indian Tantra.

"Songs of Solomon."

"If Dara wished to allow the princess to touch her,…."


"Ew!" Yucky Stuff: STD, HPV, and Alleged Oral Cancer Risk.

Personal STD control.

"And, just so you know:"

Oral Sex

STD Prevention.

Warning: Dental Dam and Condom Protection.

Popular Culture and Slang.

"Frank and Louisa are too busy to notice what we…."



Learning to Play-Your Way.

A Bit More on Women's Social History.

"Dirty Girl"-character Baby Stewie, TV's "Family Guy."

"He stared between my legs, as he slid…"


"Prolonged Foreplay/Diddling. Or Fun, Creative Stuff!"

"Kiss Her. Long. And Deep."

"Be Kind, Unwind."

Retooling Your Senses. With Her Stuff. (nonfetish)

Game: Your Sensitivity to Sensuality.

Game: "Sensitive Sensuality, for Two." With Her Stuff. (still nonfetish)

Game Interruptus: Weekend Scents.

Two Hours.

More Cleanliness Issues.

Women hate that!

Misc. on Pubic Hair: "To Be or Not to Be"-from William Shakespeare's "Hamlet"

You Massage Her, Sensually.


Yes, Make Your Mouth and Tongue Wet and Slippery.

Don't Bash and Butt Your Hard Face into Her!

When She Reacts Well to Your Action. Repeat It.

When She's More Warmed Up.

"Get Up and Do It, Again. Amen."-lyrics, Jackson Browne's "The Pretender"


RE-WARNING: Don't plan it the same....

Back to School, for Your "ABCs"!

Game: A-B-C Sex.

Sex, Sexual, Loving, Creativity.

Women's Advice:

" 'Alphabet Letters' is Absurd."

[Sex is a process, not an end all be all goal.-NS]

Clitoris Circling.

Clitoris Sucking.

Warning: Highly aroused.

Oyster Practice.


Game: Hornblower.

Game: Red Light, Green Light.

Game: Feather Your Nest.



"69" [Tell the Kids, "It's the Year the Mets Won Their First World Series!"]

Backward. More 69, Kind of.

Doggy, or, as I prefer, "Doggy-Doggy."


Doggy Sit ["I think I just made this one up!"]

"Knees Up, Honey."

Legs Flat. Knees,

Fluid Movements, and Agony.

The ONLY Sex for Some.


FGM Diagram 1:

WARNING: Don't break rhythm. MORE Warnings and Advice.

Women's Forum Advice: Again. "DO NOT Immediately Dive for Her Clitoris...

Women's Forum Advice: "Take Your Leisurely and Loving Time."

Reminder: "Be Extremely Gentle."

"This Pleasure's for Her; Watch, Listen, and Hear Her."

Insert Here. Maybe.

Male Advice

Paraplegic Man's Advice.

Paraplegic Woman's Advice: "Braingasms."

Lesbian Advice "Orgasm: After Injury (Physical, Emotional, or Spiritual)."

More Forum Advice

Women's Advice: "Any oral is great oral." NO. It's Not.

Women's Advice: "Listen! Take notice!"

Women's Advice: Communicate. Ask for "Tips."

Game: Her Slave.

Game: "Sweet Nothings" and "Puppet."

"Ladies of the English Harem"

SexSinger BONUS: Add Fingersex.

No "Performance." No "Task."

More Training Your Senses.

BEST OF BOTH-MULTITASKING: Clit AND G-spot! Putting Your Finger(s) In.

WARNING 1: Nails.

WARNING 2: No wet spot.

Squirming and Breathing Heavily. Her, Not You!

"Ejaculation. The Joy of 'Squirting'."

"I Have to Pee."

WARNING: Forbidden Pleasure.

ANOTHER BONUS: Female Ejaculation.


Warning: Doctor's office.

Focused Awareness.

"Go Forth, and Influence Women."

[120 pages/ebook/9pt font]

Game: Guide Communication Practice.

If something feels good, to her, or you ask her directly, she can say "Yes," or "Hot."

Or purr out a, "Spicy."

If something doesn't feel good, to her, she can say, "No" or "Cold." Or "Flat."

Just like the old children's game, "Am I getting hot?"

Or the other one, "Red Light, Green Light."

But instead of, "Are you getting hot, hotter…?" [more

READ SAMPLE: SexSinger_ExcerptSample.pdf

Read: SexSinger / CuntSinger-Sample.htm / CuntSinger-Sample.pdf


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SexSinger condenses and explains what you want to know to get started and to improve your cunny loving skills; but, here are a few Helpful Links to Other Informative Sites, in case you're hungry, or would that be thirsty, for more:

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